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10 proven cricket ideas and strategies to help you win big

Winning fantasy cricket is difficult. Putting together a winning team is often tough owing to misunderstanding and a lack of clarity. This blog includes ten useful fantasy cricket tips and strategies.

This will assist you not only in establishing the ideal team, but also in selecting the appropriate format, which format to play, who to make captain in the event of a tie, and more.

You may easily replicate these strategies and tactics to win big in fantasy cricket.

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Grand League Fantasy Cricket Tips and Techniques

Keep a look out for the debutant

This is important for events like the IPL. In this tournament, many new and skilled players make their debut. The selection percentage of these guys is frequently very low.

As a result, you can select these players to gain an advantage over your competition. Remember that players with a low selection percentage are essential for winning grand leagues.

You could even make one of these guys the captain of one of your teams. Because the captain% for these players is far lower. And it can sometimes fall below 0.5%. This is for those who participate in a match with numerous teams.

One of the practical applications of this suggestion is provided below.

Fantasy cricket tips for grand leaguesSunrisers Hyderabad vs. Punjab Kings was the IPL match mentioned above. Fazal Haq picked up two wickets and was named to the dream team. His selection percentage was merely 7.89%.

Don't make the best player captain.

Informed and quality players frequently have a very high selection percentage. I’m not proposing you fire them from your team.

Because these players have a great possibility of succeeding. However, the chances of obtaining the top rank are quite slim. And you have to compete against lakhs of other people.

Many opponents may now name these elite players as captains. You must do things differently to defeat them.

As a result, avoid selecting these players as captain. Yes, I am aware that it is risky.

However, your objective in Dream11 should not be to recoup your losses. But, in order to earn the 1 crore reward money. And you can only get there by taking chances.

Let’s look at some evidence to back up my points. Only 15% of matches in the previous IPL season included a first-rank team with the highest captain% player as captain.

Don't be frightened to form radical team structures. What exactly is team structure?

The amount of players in each area, like as bowling, all-rounder, batting, and wicketkeeping, is referred to as the team structure. One example of team organization is shown below.

We sometimes avoid extreme team structures. This entails forming teams of six bowlers, six batsmen, or four all-rounders.

However, these extreme teams can assist you in standing out from your competitors. Pitch reports can assist you in forming extreme teams.

If the surface supports bowlers, you can opt for more bowlers, or you can go for four all-rounders if both teams have great all-rounders.

The diagram below depicts three different types of extreme team structures.

Make mock teams before the lineup is revealed.

This tip is useful if you create many teams in a match.

It is challenging to form 10 to 20 teams within 30 minutes of the lineups being published. You may not have enough time to think and form strategic teams.

As a result, it is preferable to form your teams before the lineups are announced. After lineups are announced, you will simply need to remove or add some players.

This manner, you can minimize stress and uncertainty while putting together teams at the last minute.

Winning the Grand League is no simple task. To reach the top rank, you must have a focused team approach, a dedicated investment strategy, patience, and luck.

You have no control over luck. Patience is entirely dependent on you. However, a focused team and investment plan are formed via experience.

Small league fantasy cricket tips and tactics.

Play only in a few formats
Not all cricket formats are suitable for investment. Play exclusively in forms that are safe and low-risk.

Because the goal of tiny leagues is to reduce risk. Because the investment in little leagues is relatively high. And we simply cannot afford to lose.

Longer formats, such as test matches, are not appropriate for tiny leagues. Why?

Because a single player can make or break a test match. Assume a player scored 200 in a test match in which you participated. So, in these two instances, you can lose:

  • If you do not have such player on your team but your opponent does.
  • If you have that player, but your opponent has made him captain.

In certain instances, the point differential between you and your opponent will be extremely large. As a result, covering this point disparity with other players becomes harder.

In shorter formats, one player cannot make such a significant effect. Even if he scores 70-80 runs, your team’s players can make up the difference in points.

Let’s understand this with an example of point discrepancies between formats.

Fantasy cricket tips for small leagues

In this example, each of the three formats is represented by a dream team. When compared to other forms, the captain and vice captain points% for test is higher.

For selecting players, recent form is essential.

“Form is temporary, but class is permanent,” as the saying goes.

Wait! In fantasy cricket, this idiom should not be followed. The most significant factor in selecting players is their physical condition. Players who are in good shape outperform out of shape players.

So don’t take any chances with uninformed players. Choose as many informed players as possible for your team.

Remember the wicketkeeper's catches and stumping points.

Wicketkeepers have a higher catch rate than other players on the field. As they stand behind the wicket, the possibility of being caught behind is always present.

Furthermore, they provide points by stumping.

As a result, you can apply this component in fantasy cricket. You can choose keepers or their stumping and catching points under certain scenarios. These are as follows:

  • The batting order for the wicketkeepers is lower in both teams. And the score is T-20. Both teams are equally strong.
  • A game between a strong and a weak team. The wicketkeeper for the weak squad is not a good player.
  • Match between two inexperienced teams. Both sides’ wicketkeepers are poor performers.

Let’s go over them one by one.

Condition 1: The batting order of the wicketkeepers is lower in both teams. And the score is T-20. Both teams are equally strong.

In this situation, wicketkeepers from both teams may be unable to bat. The T-20 format is brief. Not every batter is given an equal opportunity to bat. Lower order batsmen may not even see a single ball.

Because both teams are similar in strength, the odds of wickets falling rapidly are reduced.

As a result, both wicketkeepers have less scoring chances. Check the catching and stumping points of keepers in this scenario.

Select a keeper with strong wicketkeeping abilities.

Condition 2: A match between two strong teams. The wicketkeeper for the weak squad is not a good player.

In this situation, the chances of a poor team’s goalie scoring are slim. Because he/she is a bad player.

Furthermore, chances of wickets from a powerful team are higher. This increases the possibilities of a strong team’s wicketkeeper catching and stumping.

As a result, a strong team’s wicketkeeper may contribute crucial points by catching and stumping.

Condition 3: A match between two inexperienced teams. Both sides' wicketkeepers are poor performers.

In this situation, both sides have a greater risk of losing a wicket. Furthermore, the chances of a wicketkeeper scoring by batting are slim.

Because many wickets may fall in this match, select a wicketkeeper with superior wicketkeeping skills.

Choose players based on their bowling and batting order.

This fantasy cricket tip applies to shorter formats such as T-10 and T-20. In these formats, not every player gets an equal chance to bat. While not all bowlers are significant.

Let’s break this out separately for batting and bowling.


In formats such as T-10 or T-20, all 11 players must bat in the same 10 or 20 overs. As a result, lower-order batsmen may not receive a chance to bat.

Check the pitch report first. Also, if the pitch is batting, avoid selecting lower order batsmen. Because top-order batsmen frequently make large runs in batting practice.

Only use lower-order batsmen if the pitch is bowling.


Every bowler receives an equal number of overs to bowl. If they are equal bowlers and teams do not have too many all-around players.

In T-10 or T-20, however, wickets do not fall symmetrically. Batsmen frequently attempt to score big in the death overs.

As a result, the possibilities of wickets in death overs are higher than in other overs. As a result, select bowlers who will bowl in the death overs.

However, you should not sacrifice a competent middle over bowler for this. However, if you are undecided, choose death over bowling.

Before forming a team, review the pitch report.

The pitch report can determine the match score, the number of wickets, the ratio of wickets from spin vs fast bowling, and other factors. As a result, reviewing the pitch report before the game is critical.

You should form your team based on the pitch circumstances. If the surface is bowling friendly, try to select more bowlers or allrounders.

If the surface is batting friendly, try to select a good informed batsman as captain.

It is not tough to check the pitch report. In Google, type the match name followed by pitch report. For instance, if India is playing New Zealand, type “India vs New Zealand Pitch Report” into Google. This is depicted below.

You can then check the pitch report on any of the websites listed above.

In case of doubt, choose death over bowlers as C/VC.

This suggestion only applies to shorter forms such as T-10 or T-20.

Choosing a captain and vice captain might be difficult at times. This occurs when all of the picked players are nearly identical. Or when it is impossible to forecast who will perform.

In such instances, an excellent death over bowler can be captain or vice-captain. Why?

This is due to the following factors:

  • A skilled bowler bowls entire overs (such as four in T-20). A good batter might be dismissed without scoring or with very few runs. As a result, a batsman can be unfortunate and be out early. However, the bowler will bowl all of his/her overs inside the quota.
  • Death over bowlers have an easy time getting wickets. In the last over, the batsmen attempt to hit boundaries. As a result, they take hazardous shots. This raises the likelihood of wickets in the final overs.

So there you have it, some fantasy cricket tips and tactics. You can now copy and paste these fantasy cricket tips to win occasionally.

However, in order to consistently win, you must understand the step-by-step procedure of playing fantasy sports. This includes the following:

  • Creating an investing strategy To consistently win in fantasy, you must have an investment strategy. This involves deciding on a monthly budget, selecting the appropriate contests to play, determining the amount of contests and matches, and more.
  • Risk assessment Not all pairings are suitable for investing. You must master the skill of avoiding dangerous matches. To maximize your revenue, play cautious matches.
  • Putting together your team Putting together a winning team is not the same as putting together a good squad. Anyone with knowledge can form an effective team.
  • Create your team by considering elements such as opponent team predictability, match predictability, and individual pick concerns.
  • Differentiating your team from the competition You cannot win by assembling “the best possible team.” You must distinguish your squad from the competition. But wait… Don’t do it by selecting a different captain. Try separating yourself with the vice captain and other players.

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