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Bollywood Meets Cricket: Virat Kohli’s Magical Love Story with Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli

He is the wonder boy of the cricket world and she is one of the finest actresses that Bollywood has today. And together, they make one of the most beautiful and adorable couples of the country. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about none other than Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. With both of them accepting it officially, their relationship is not a secret anymore. And, with Virat’s recent tweet appreciating his ‘love’, Anushka’s performance in her recent release, NH10, the two are once again the talk of the town.

And, as seeing this couple together brings a smile on the faces of their fans, we bring the beautiful love story of this young and vibrant couple for all of them.

How the match-fixing was done

Virat and Anushka met in 2013 while working on a television commercial. Following this, the two became extremely ‘excellent friends’ and were even seen together at several locations. Of course, speculations about these two dating one other quickly spread.

What piqued everyone’s interest was that when Team India landed at the Mumbai airport from its South Africa trip in January 2014, rather than heading to the allocated hotel, Virat went to Anushka’s residence. In reality, the actress had dispatched her car to meet him at the airport.

Playing the game of love

While these two lovebirds originally refused to embrace their connection, that did not prevent them from seizing every chance to spend time together. Anushka visited New Zealand in February 2014, and the Indian cricket team was also present for a competition. They were seen roaming around the city together, clearly in love.

Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma

Later in the year, Virat visited Anushka in Sri Lanka unexpectedly when she was busy filming Bombay Velvet, her forthcoming feature. He also paid her a visit in Udaipur on her 26th birthday, where she was filming for the movie.

October 2014 was their first public outing when the two went to see an Indian Super League game together.

And, then they accepted…

Though so many appearances together had left no one in doubt, the couple’s ultimate acceptance came very interestingly. Following a milestone in a November 2014 game against Sri Lanka, Virat blew a flying kiss towards Anushka, a spectator.

The controversies

The two have frequently been drawn into hot issues even as they try to keep their connection under wraps and away from the public. Anushka lost her cool at the NH10 commercial while being grilled on questions regarding her relationship with Virat instead of being asked about the movie. Another one was when Virat angrily attacked a journalist during a practice session, mistaking him for some other writer who had covered Anushka and him in a top daily. Later on he apologised to the writer.

These were some of the occasions they battled with the world for each other, but there also occurred a period when they battled one other. According to several sources, Virat conveyed his disapproval to Anushka’s gorgeous photo session for a men’s magazine cover to his wife. Over the phone, they apparently had a big argument about this, but soon things were settled.

Heading towards a live-in relationship?

According to many sources, Anushka and Virat have been getting ready to further their relationship. Everytime he visits Mumbai, the cricket player has been seen visiting Anushka at her Versova house. To let her parents to spend some quality time with each other, the actress has leased a house close to her Versova apartment while she resides there. Media sources also indicate that the two had been intending to move in together not too far off. They are said to have visited each other’s parents and also obtained clearance.

And, should the claims be taken at their value, this couple may be getting married before the end of this year. After Virat commended Anushka for her performance in NH10, a prominent newspaper gave this information.

Their first red carpet appearance together

Together at the Vogue Beauty Awards, on July 21, 2015, Mumbai, Virat and Anushka made their first official red carpet appearance. Virat matched the beautiful woman perfectly in a black suit, even though she looked great in a pale yellow gown by Gauri and Nainika. As they posed for the shutterbugs, the pair clearly in love looked fantastic. The evening’s greatest moment also came when Anushka discussed her “handsome companion” with NDTV and mentioned:

That’s not all, though, regarding the nice memories from this wonderful evening. Anushka accepted the “Beauty of the Year” award and then revealed the honest comment she got from Virat, saying she looked like a nimbu—that is, her beautiful light yellow gown.

We just wait to see this two tying the marriage soon, while this couple has swept the country over with their lovely demonstrations of love for one other!

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