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Kuldeep Yadav likely to wed a Bollywood actress?

The T20 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team member Kuldeep Yadav speaks during his felicitation ceremony upon his return after the tournament, at Jajmau, in Kanpur, Saturday, July 6, 2024.

Following his return to his hometown, Kanpur, barely one day after commemorating Team India’s T20 World Cup triumph in Mumbai, India spinner Kuldeep Yadav has offered observations into his personal life. Hundreds cricket supporters went out to greet the champion spinner, who had taken 10 wickets during the competition, when he arrived. To honor Kuldeep, the ardent supporters planned music, Dhols, and fireworks.

Kuldeep clarified in an interview his marital intentions by saying his future partner will not be from Bollywood. “She won’t be an actress; you will hear great news shortly. She needs to be able to look for my family and me, Kuldeep said during the interview.

Fans in Mumbai greeted Team India a great welcome; Kuldeep expected a similar celebration upon his arrival back to Kanpur. The players got the privilege of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi earlier before leaving for Mumbai. Amid screams and chanting from hundreds of fervent supporters, they delighted in an open-bus triumph procession from Marine Drive to the venerable Wankhede Stadium.

BCCI authorities presented Men in Blue the prize money of Rs 125 crore at Wankhede Stadium. Players showcasing their T20 World Cup successes gave talks during the occasion, then there were celebrations with joyful dancing by the players. The evening ended with a triumph lap set to the national hymn of the country, “Vande Mataram”.

BCCI secretary Jay Shah arranged the return trip to India; the airplane left Barbados devastated by hurricanes and landed in Delhi early on Thursday. Officials from BCCI and reporters covering the event were among the passengers.

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