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List Of Top 10 Best Cricket Teams In The World

Cricket is a popular sport with millions of followers all over the world, and it has a long history of fierce competition between competing teams. It was first played in the 16th century in England, and it quickly became the country’s national sport two centuries later.Several teams have emerged as international cricket powerhouses over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful cricket teams, their accomplishments, and their influence on the game.

the strongest cricket team


Although cricket has been played on Afghan streets since 1995, the country’s national cricket team just became affiliated with the ICC in 2001. Since then, it has appeared in numerous ODI matches as well as the World Cup.
It made its debut in the 2015 Cricket World Cup, where it did not win any big games, but its performance was commendable.


West Indies is ranked ninth in the world for its performance in one-day internationals (ODIs). It is, nevertheless, the world’s third best T-Twenty team.

This team contains some of the world’s most gifted all-rounder players and is coached by Phil Simmons. Its standing has decreased drastically as a result of their recent setbacks in the ODI World Cup 2015 versus Sri Lanka.


The Pakistani national cricket team has played around 858 One-Day International (ODI) matches in its history, winning approximately 452 of them.
It is now ranked ninth among the top ten best cricket teams in the world. The team was successful in winning the World Cup in 1992.

Its success in last year’s World Cup allowed it to reach the quarterfinals, where it fell to Australia, affecting its overall rating in ODIs, while this team is ranked seventh in T-twenty matches.


Bangladesh’s national cricket team is an official full member of the ICC, having played their first ODI against Pakistan in the Asia Cup in 1986. Cricket first gained popularity in Bangladesh in the late 1990s.

As incredible as it may sound, it has surpassed its ranking and proven its superiority among many famous international teams. It is currently being trained by the highly experienced Chandika and Hathurusingha.


The famous side of England is next in line, having risen to sixth place in the most current ICC rankings. This team has won 352 of 666 ODIs.
It was also placed sixth for Twenty matches and fifth for test match performance. This team has also successfully won 32 Ashes matches.


Due to their outstanding performance in cricket, Sri Lanka’s team is also nicknamed as the Lions. It is ranked fifth among the top ten best cricket teams in the globe.

This squad began playing international ODIs in 1926 and quickly rose to prominence in the 1990s, winning the first world cup in its history in 1996. The team created a name for itself by winning the World Cup T20 in 2014.


With its consistent remarkable performance in cricket history, South Africa has retained its position in the ICC ranking. It is ranked fourth among the top 10 best cricket teams in the globe.

It has played about 547 ODIs, winning approximately 337 of them. It has maintained in the top rankings for all categories, and this year it has risen to fourth place with a small difference in total points collected.


The Indian cricket team is currently ranked in the top three positions at the ICC for one-day international (ODI) matches, first in T20 matches, and second in test matches. This team consists of a diverse group of talented players that work well together under the leadership of MS Dhoni.
The Indian national team was initially much weaker, but it has grown significantly stronger since the 1970s. In history, the team won the World Cup twice.


The ICC ranks the Black Caps, New Zealand’s national cricket team, second. This team’s ODI career began in 1972, when it played its debut match against Pakistan.

Since then, it has been steadily climbing the success ladder. The squad reached the World Cup 2015 final and finished the competition as the runner-up.


For many years, the Australian Cricket Team has carried the Crown of Cricket Empire. It is often recognized as the world’s best cricket squad. This team set a record by winning 34 consecutive World Cup matches in 2011.

This team has won about 537 of the 869 ODI matches it has played, with considerable triumphs over its opponents. Not only does it lead the ODI series, but it also leads the test series.

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