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Rohit’s request for 20 days before the WTC Final: “Be realistic,” says Ravi Shastri.

Rohit’s request for 20 days before the WTC Final: “Be realistic,” says Ravi Shastri.

Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, asked for 20 to 25 days before a big event like the WTC Final. In answer, India’s former coach, Ravi Shastri, told him to give up the IPL. This year, there was only a week between the IPL 2023 final and the WTC final, which Australia won by 209 runs over India. This was also India’s second straight loss in the most important game.

In a conversation with Star Sports, Shastri responded to Rohit’s comment by saying, “See, that’s never going to happen.”

“Let’s not fool ourselves. You won’t get those twenty days.” If that’s the case, you can’t go to IPL,” the old boss said. “So, it’s up to you, and it’s also up to the business. I’m sure the BCCI will look into this in the future. If the World Test Championship final is always going to come after the IPL in June, then there should be certain rules for clubs for that season if their team makes it to the final.

Rohit had called for a longer time between WTC Final-like games to give bowlers more time to rest and get ready after the loss to Australia. He said this at the meeting after the match.

“Yeah, in an ideal world, we would want to have a lot of time to get ready and give the bowlers enough rest,” he had said. “Sometimes it’s hard because when you play T20 cricket, you have to bowl a lot of different lengths, lines, and changes.

“And then, obviously, Test cricket takes a lot of discipline, like hitting that area regularly and making the batsmen work. But again, Shami, Siraj, and Umesh are all experienced, so they know how to prepare for a game like this. But in an ideal situation, yes, I would rather have 20–25 days to get ready for a game like this,” said the captain.