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Hridoy hopes that Bangladesh will have a successful Asia Cup final.

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Towhid Hridoy, Bangladesh's in-form batter, remarked that the team hopes to conclude on a good note.

After being eliminated from contention for a final berth in the Asia Cup, Towhid Hridoy, Bangladesh’s in-form batter, remarked that the team hopes to conclude on a good note. India’s recent dominance versus Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Hridoy's journey to the top

Hridoy’s cricketing journey began in the by-lanes of Dhaka, where he first held a bat, dreaming of emulating his heroes. His dedication and natural talent propelled him into the national team’s spotlight, and today, he stands as one of Bangladesh’s most promising young talents.

The significance of the Asia Cup

The Asia Cup is not just any cricket tournament; it’s a stage where the giants of Asian cricket collide. For Hridoy, representing Bangladesh in such a prestigious event is a matter of immense pride. It’s a platform where he can showcase his skills to the world and, more importantly, help his team achieve glory.

To emerge victorious in the Asia Cup, Bangladesh needs a solid game plan. The coaching staff, along with Hridoy and the senior players, have been meticulously devising strategies to counter the strengths of their opponents. Adaptability will be key.

“I don’t think whether it is difficult or not (to bat at three) there was a plan to bat at one down and I was ready for that,” said Hridoy. “I am still saying that I am ready to bat anywhere. According to the demand of the team, if they want me to play me at one down, middle order or in the slog overs I am ready to bat anywhere,” he said.

In the cricketing world, dreams and aspirations are the driving force behind every player’s journey. For Hridoy and the Bangladesh cricket team, the Asia Cup is not just a tournament; it’s the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. They aspire to end their campaign on a high, and with their talent and determination, they are well on their way to achieving that dream.

“He just sat with me and said that I should play without fear, that I usually do, and he said that I won’t get runs in every game and won’t perform in every match but that cannot change character,” said Hridoy.


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